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Principal's Message

Principal's Message 

September 8, 2016 Dear Parents/Guardians, Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! I would like to especially welcome all parents and students new to West Pembroke School. This year promises to be filled with learning and fun. We, the staff, have had many discussions around what this year will look like and we are positive that you will be satisfied with what has been planned. Three of our main foci will be writing, spelling and problem solving. We are counting on your support in our effort to improve the quality of these three areas. Homework will take on a new look. It will be given from Monday – Thursday. Of course ALL students are strongly encouraged to read each day that they breathe – weekends included! Since we have a planned focus, expect spelling, writing and problem solving to be given weekly. Parents, please be advised that we have a strict uniform policy. By way of reminder: • The school uniform may be purchased at The English Sports Shop. • Black shoes ONLY are to be worn. • One pair of gold or silver ball-studs ONLY may be worn. • Boys should have basic haircuts – no mohawks, designs or words! • Girls may wear navy, gray, silver or white hair pieces. Additionally, the P4 – P6 girls should not wear skirts with pleats. The correct skirt may be purchased at The English Sports Shop. • Sneakers should be black, white or navy. Parents, PLEASE – no pink, green, orange, etc! These colors are NOT allowed and will result in an infraction against the student. Our P.T.A. meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month. These meetings provide valuable information that benefits both you and our students. Please make every effort to attend each one. A free grub day is awarded to students who are represented at the meeting! Parents, again, WELCOME! On behalf of the staff, I look forward to a meaningful and productive year with you at the West Pembroke School. Sincerely, Opal S. Wilson