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Principal's Message 




T.N. Tatem Middle School believes in its mission in providing a comprehensive, quality education which caters to the diverse learning styles of its early adolescents, creating lifelong learners and exemplary members of the global community. Based on this mission, we envision and believe that our students will depart from T.N. Tatem fully equipped with a high level of vocabulary and comprehension skills, high level of mathematical skills, effective communicators- both orally and written, great problem solvers through their critical thinking skills and to be socially responsible citizens; giving to their community and making right choices in life.

Our vision and beliefs have not altered much from the original school vision and beliefs of the founding principal, Mr. Thomas Neville Tatem, when the school’s doors opened in 1967 at Warwick Camp, with one hundred twenty students in attendance. Just one year later, at the present location, Warwick Secondary opened its doors to two hundred thirty students. As the standards of the school remained high, the attendance rate doubled. By 1979 there were four hundred seventy- four students in attendance.

When the doors opened as Spice Valley Middle School on September 8, 1997, the school had enrolled approximately two hundred fifty students.  It was no coincidence that Mr. Thomas Neville Tatem conducted the opening ceremony of the school at that time, reminding the students of the former school’s culture of caring, unity, enthusiasm, creativity, spirit, pride and quest for excellence which was engendered through its care of dedicated teachers. The first Deputy Principal, Mr. Winton Williams’ expectation was for those who entered the gates of Warwick Secondary to have a duty and responsibility to contribute their best in every possible way to guarantee the continuance and wholesomeness of the school family. After three different names for the school, the expectation remains the same: Warwick Secondary, Spice Valley Middle School and now T.N. Tatem Middle School is committed to excellence in all that our students do.

Our theme this year is; Failure Is NOT an Option; Success Is the Only Option. We are committed to ensuring that all students experience success.