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T N Tatem Middle > Parent Conference Survey- Use of Study Strategies > View Response #44  

Parent Conference Survey- Use of Study Strategies: View Response #44

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What year level is your child in?


Based on the most recent report card, how would you best describe your child's academic performance?


Do you believe that there is a direct relationship between how your child studies and his or her academic performance?


How would you describe your child's study habits.


On an average, how much time does your child spend studying per week?


Do you supervise your child at home when he/she is studying for an exam or test?


My child's performance in school would improve if I could offer better help with study strategies.


As a parent or guardian are you aware of study strategies you can use at home to assist your child?


If your answer to question 8 is yes, list the strategies you know.

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Using the scale below, how would you rate your use of study strategies with your child at home.

  Excellent Average Below Average 
My use of study strategies at home with my child can be rated as 

As a parent/guardian of a child at T.N.Tatem, would you benefit from a conference on Strategies for Better Learning?


After attending the workshops will you be willing to consistently use at least one of the strategy with your child?


Being able to better assist my child with effective study strategies will improve his/her attitude towards learning.


Will you be willing to take this survey again in nine weeks as a follow up on your use of study strategies with your child at home.

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