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Good day Parents/Guardians

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself by letting you know how excited and committed I am to your child/ren’s academic and social wellbeing.  I am caring, understanding, patient and empathic to the needs of the students and parents/guardians.  I am confident in my ability to recognize the needs of the students and present workable solutions.  My objective is to have an “Open Door policy,” and be a visible school counselor, as much as I can.  This will be challenging, as I will be providing services two schools; but, I am up for the challenge. Please note that I will be at Somerset Primary School on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

In keeping current in the field of School Counseling, I have attended the American Counseling Association Conference for the past two years and will continue to do so.  I feel that attending Professional Development will keep me abreast of best practice techniques that will be an asset for your child/ren, as the field of counseling is always evolving.

With regards to my educational experience and professional background, in 2004, I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and in 2007 I obtained my Master’s degree in Community Counseling.  Upon my return from school I subsituted for a year in Education at various levels in primary, middle and high schools.  I was later offered a permanent position at West Pembroke primary where I stayed for three years and transferred to CedarBridge Academy also for three years.  Over the past seven years I have gained a wealth of knowledge working with the students; however my true passion lies with primary school students. 

In closing, I look forward to meeting all parents/guardians. Please do not hesitate to contact me as I am here to support your child/ren academically and socially.  I am honored to be a part of the Somerset Primary family as we educate and prepare your child/ren for the future.


Ms. Sophia Burch, BA, MA
School Counselor
Somerset Primary

 Christmas giving

  Wednesday, 1st November, 2017

 Good day Parents/Guardians,

The Market Place – Share the Christmas Spirit Program are asking if Somerset Primary School can participate during the month of November 2017, by having our students and faculty donate non-perishable food items for their hampers. 

Students can place their canned goods in the collection bin located in the hallway where they enter school in the morning.  Arrangements will be made to collect the donations from the school the week of Monday, 4th December, 2017.

We are thanking you in advance for your participation in giving back to our community.


Ms. Sophia Burch

School Counselor

 Self-Esteem ‭[1]‬

 Self-Esteem ‭[2]‬

 Self-Esteem ‭[3]‬


 P6 G.R.E.A.T. Graduation 2018

 P6 Outward Bound

 Career Information


There are currently no upcoming events.

 Parent Information

Be a Great Parent - School Success

To help your child succeed in school, make school and homework a top priority, talk about the importance of getting a good education and do the following:

1. Provide academic support

2. Be informed and involved

3. Help your child get organized

4. Work with your school

Provide Support and Guidance

1. Insist on daily attendance

2. Provide school supplies and a place to study

3. Monitor homework

Be Informed and Involved

Be Informed

1. Be informed - know how your child is doing in school.

2. Read school newsletters and bulleitins and regularly visit your school's website.

3. Talk to your child about what's happening at school and show consistent interest in your child's academic progress

Be Involved

1. Attend PTA meetings and parent-teacher conferences.

2. Volunteer at your child's school.

3. Be sure to let your child's teacher, principal and school counsellor know about anything that might affect your child's attitude or performance.

 Daily Expectations


 Decision Making Steps


The department of education’s three decision making steps

Stop - When you do not rush into a decision

THink - when you ask yourself what the options are for each decision.

ask yourself the four questions

1. is my decision safe?

2. is my decision respectful?

3. is my decision responsible?

4. will my decision help me be ready to learn?

Choose/go - when you decide on the best option for yourself

evaluate - when you ask yourself how the decision turned out.

should you have decided differently?

 Classroom Guidance Videos and Songs

Good day Parents/Guardians,

Please see "links" below to watch videos that your child/ren have watched during Classroom Guidance lessons.

 Welcome Letter


  Kids for Character Theme Song
  Truth Song
  Everyone Makes Mistakes Song
  Trustworthiness Video
  Sesame Street: Who I Am
  I am quite unique
  The Puppet Show Decisions, Making the right choices Part 2
  The Puppet Show Decision, Making the right choices Part 1
  Decisions are hard
  The Berestain Bears - Go to School Part 1
  The Berestain Bears - Go to School - Part 2
  Self-Control song
  Positive Affirmations
  You're a good sport Charlie Brown
  Making Choices song by Mr. Health
  Be Responsible, Safe and Respectful song
  Self-Control - Benny and the birthday berries
  Adventures from the book of Virtues - Self- Discipline
  Curious Kids - Careers
  Job song - What do you want to be?
(More Links...)