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 Principa's Delivery

Somerset Primary School Leaving Ceremony

17th June, 2016

Good morning Dr. Tucker, Assistant Director for western zone schools; members of the Board of Trustees; PTA President, Mrs. Dawn Berry; former principals: Mrs. Marva Phillips, Mrs. Carol Bassett, and Mrs. Evereth Richardson; Guest Speaker, Mr. Nadanja Bailey; Dr. Timothy Jackson, current principal of Sandys Secondary Middle School; parents, teachers, family, friends and transitioning Primary 6 students.

Today is the culminating and will be one of your most memorable activities at Somerset Primary School. The template that I usually follow for this occasion did not set well with me. The reason being that I have been a part of your educational journey for 7 years, and for those that joined us after Primary 1, there was a close connection that helped to make your transition to SPS easier.

Thank you for helping me to craft part of my end-of year report. My plan was to share that today; instead, everything that you shared with me will be posted on the school’s website. Today my intent is to capture the essence of you, the class of 2016. But before I do so I would like to thank the entire staff for the hard work and commitment over the course of the school year. The work that you do is valued. I would like to thank all of the parents for your consistent support throughout the last 6 years; for me you represent the strongest presence as a group. Mrs. Walcott, if I could I would pay you. I trust that my sincere gratitude for all that you have done for the students and staff is sufficient. Mrs. Dawn Berry frustration, disappointment and stress are precursors for success. You took over the helm as PTA president in Harry’s very first year and you have made the decision to hand it over at the end of this year. Thank you for your dedication and hard work. Mrs. Hooper, teacher artist extraordinaire. We wish you the very best in your future endeavours. Thank you for brightening up our school with varied and vibrant student artworks, and our environment with your warm and welcoming spirit.  

 When I think of you, the class of 2016, the word alpha comes to mind. Alpha means first, important and dominant. You were the first group of preschoolers that I worked with, as an educator. You were the first group of primary one students under my leadership. Off course each of you is important, but what really stands out is the word dominant. You are the first group in all of my 27 years as an educator where there are so many alpha personalities. As a result of your own devices, you often experienced some of the negative effects that an alpha and those that resist the alpha brings to the group. Your teachers and I have instructed, guided, and encouraged you to help you navigate your journey as an alpha/alpha opposition. Today I have decided to do the same.

How many of you have seen the movie Balto?  The story of Balto is actually a true story that occurred in 1925. The life-or-death race to deliver desperately needed anti-toxin from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska turned a sled dog named Balto into a hero. Balto was a Siberian husky born in 1923 in Nome, Alaska. My family has watched the first movie at least 10 times and the others, at least twice. All three movies can teach us valuable lessons about ourselves and life, in general.

Message for Parents:

  • Accept your children for who they are; a tiger can't change its stripes. Help them to channel/turn what others may see as problematic in to something great.
  • Support them when the odds are down.
  •  Encourage them to strive to win, but teach them to lose graciously and celebrate    others.
  • Teach them that everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized.
  • Help them to embrace and use their gifts and talents; and humbly receive the rewards they reap as a result of them.
  • Although letting go is hard, sometimes you must. Handle them like a homemade Bermuda kite. Soak them and let them soar, but keep them in sight. Tie them to a tree - not literally. Let them fly alone, but keep a watchful eye. If the tail is too long, or get ‘caught up in…you can always cut it. It's a personal choice.
  • Wings of Change- Needs are the things that we must have in order to survive. Wants are things that we would like to have, but are not necessary for survival.

Massage for the class of 2016:

The lesson to be learned from Balto was not about competitive winning. It was about doing the right thing, applying the 'Bee-Attitudes'.  Even if Balto had not managed to get the medicine to Rosie, in my opinion, he would have been a winner as long as he kept on going to his last breath; it would have been a moral a victory.  In contrast, if Steele had succeeded in getting the medicine to Rosie, he'd still be a loser because he was a mean, selfish, troublemaker who was wrapped up in himself.

Just like Balto, each one of you was born with different personal character; and just like Balto there is something on the inside and outside of each of you that makes you special, a hero of sorts.

We've had many talks where I've bombarded you with what I call ‘Ozzieisms’. If you internalize and consistently apply them, I can assure you will realize, actualize, and value how special you are.  

In your new schools remember:

  • Critical…thinking, listening speaking, acting
  • Be prepared by being 2 steps ahead.
  • When adult tempers are flared sit/stand like a bump on a log and wait for a cooling period before speaking your case.
  • When the teacher is redirecting the class sit like a bump on a log.
  • There is a time and place for everything and everything in its time and place.

Congratulations and thank you for the lessons you've taught me. 

 Handbell Educational Trip 2016

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 P6 Cotillion 2016

 P6 Finale 2016 - It's My Journey


 Spotlight On


Under the supervision of teachers, Mr. Campbell, Mrs. Siese and Ms. Monk Somerset Primary has started a Robotics Club. Keen upper school students, along with the teachers have spent several lunch hours learning how to build and programme robots. Students in Primary 4 have been learning how to apply the basic principles of programming in their IT classes.

On Monday, 16th May, 2016, Mr. Campbell and the robotics team (Harry Berry; Najay DaCosta; Tashuna Dublin; Amara Richards, Head Girl; Dayla Richards, and Anaya West, Head Boy)  participated in Bermuda’s First annual Robotics Competition, where they attained first place honours in the ‘Skills Challenge’. Congratulations to the students and teachers on a job well done!



On Friday, 13th May, Somerset Primary ‘Bees’  entered a contingent of athletes in the 2016 Bermuda Pacers School Relay Classic. Our boys’ 4 by 100 A- team (Kee-Zai Cann, Stefan Jones, Arye’ Tucker and Anaya West) placed first in the qualifying heat and the final in primary school category; 4 by 100 B- team (Kai Sampson, Zaeden Stewart, Anai Jjombe’, and Jaelyn Grant) placed  4th in the qualifying heat and also in the finals. The Girls’ 4 by 100 team (Ashley Burrows, Malaya Raynor, Dayla Richards, and Ghile’ Daily) placed 3rd  in the qualifying round and 4th in the final.  The girls’ 4 by 400 team (Malaya Raynor, Tashuna Dublin, Anisa Seon, and Zaylie Millett) placed 6th in the final. The boys’ 4 by 400 team (Stefan Jones, Andrew Phillips, Zaeden Stewart, Jadon Simmons) placed 2nd in the final. Congratulations on a fine performance, student athletes and Coach Edwards.

O’Brien A. F. Osborne



 Healthy Schools Award



Dept of Communication and Information Attachment
by Karen Whitecross
 6/30/2016 9:29 AM
Somerset Eagles Football Program Attachment
by Karen Whitecross
 5/26/2016 1:24 PM
Centre Against Abuse Attachment
by Karen Whitecross
 1/18/2016 1:45 PM

 G.R.E.A.T Graduation


The GREAT programme consists of a series of lessons taught by officers of the Bermuda Police Service. The lessons are designed to help students make decisions that will not only allow them to avoid becoming part of a gang, but also to become a well-rounded citizen. During classes, students participated in discussions, role-playing, and group work. They learned how to make GREAT choices, and to communicate more clearly. They also practiced controlling their anger and respecting others. Becoming a GREAT citizen is an important part of growing up, and we would like to thank our instructors for the interesting lessons they taught.

Ms. Sophia Burch, School Counsellor
Ms. Lisa Siese, P6 Teacher



On Thursday March 3rd  Urijah Williams, Azori Stewart and their Para educator, Mrs. deChabert,  visited Bermuda’s Premier, The Honorable Michael Dunkley at the Cabinet Building. Uriah and Azori presented Premier Dunkley with a collage of the many symbols of Bermuda; in return  he gifted them with books.


 Tug of War 2016

 Healthy Heart Walk 2016

 Somerset Primary School Choir 2016

 Honours/Excellence Recipients


 Final SCORE Report


 S.P.S. Daily Rules


Be Responsible
Be Safe
Re Respectful
Be Safe
Be Ready to Learn
Be Safe
  • Flush the toilet
  • Wash your hands
  • Put trash in garbage cans
  • Keep floor dry
  • Report to office
  • Use quiet voices
  • Wait your turn
  • Give people privacy
  •  Listen for instructions
  • Get back to class quickly
  • Follow directions


Classroom Lunch
  • All food and drink stay in eating areas
  • Stay in your assigned seat
  •  Clean up your area: table and floor
  • Listen to all adults and prefects
  •  Listen for instructions
  • Follow directions

 Hallway &


  •  Walk quietly on blue and white
  • Follow dress code
  • Keep hands to self
  •  Follow adult directions
  • Use appropriate language and tone
  • Be mindful of work on the walls
  •  Listen for instructions
  • Get back to class quickly
  • Follow directions
  •  Use good manners
  • Have a positive attitude
  •  Follow adult directions
  • Use appropriate language and tone
  • Use the front office entrance and wait your turn
  •  Listen for instructions
  • Get back to class quickly
  • Follow directions
  •  Bring all supplies
  • Turn work in on time
  • Take care of classroom materials
  • Use kind words and actions
  • Follow directions
  • Use appropriate voice level
  •  Stay on task
  • Participate actively
  • Complete all work
  • Take care of equipment
  • Stay within boundaries
  • Follow adult directions
  • Use kind words
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to self
  • Follow the rules of the game
  •  Line up quickly
  • Use appropriate voice level when reentering school
  • Listen when new games are introduced
  • Stay in seat
  • Be safe
  • Stay alert
  • Use kind words
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to self
  • Use a appropriate voice level
  • Listen for instructions
  • Follow directions
  • Keep belongings together


 C.H.E.C.Kmates Lunch

Somerset Primary School is always looking for ways to improve and enhance student learning and behaviour.

In June of 2004, the Principal, Mrs. Richardson challenged the staff to put extra support in place for students.  This challenge was accepted and implemented in September 2004.  The entire staff including our  Administrative Assistant and now the custodians, too, enthusiastically agreed to take students “under their wings” to give any support and encouragement necessary.  The staff seeing the impact this could have on all students wholeheartedly agreed that this shall be extended to all students at Somerset Primary.  Students and teachers were grouped based on already established relationships and/or randomly picked names.  Parents were introduced to the concept at our first PTA meeting that September. 

We brainstormed at a Team Meeting on activities that could be done, with the understanding that spending time with students, not material things, must be of primary importance.  The response from students was overwhelming.  They were overjoyed to meet and know their C.H.E.C.K.mates.  The acronym C.H.E.C.K.mate means —

          Communication, Humour, Encouragement, Cooperation for Kids.

This program has had a positive impact on teachers, parents and students.  Meaningful relationships have been established.  Students and teachers search out each other to celebrate successes and address concerns.  During activities students are assured of a C.H.E.C.K.mate who cheers especially for him/her.

It’s a delight to see C.H.E.C.K.mates interacting during break times, having lunch together, chatting, visiting the farm or beach, meeting and greeting others with a sense of purpose.  Teachers and students get excited.  One can often hear both teacher and students say “That’s my C.H.E.C.K.mate.”

We are enthused that all members of staff, teachers and support staff, are involved in this programme.





School reopens Thursday, 8th September, 2016


 Somerset Primary School

Our Mission is
To provide quality education
in a caring environment
that will recognize the various
cultural, intellectual and social differences
of students with the sole aim of
developing the whole child
-   Intellectually, Physically, Socially,
Psychologically and Spiritually.

2 Gilbert Lane
Sandys MA03
Phone: 234-1440
Fax: 234-3073

 School Information

Principal                      O'Brien Osborne
Deputy                        Angela Edwards
Counselor                    Sophia Burch
School Hours                8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Enrollment                   122
School Colours             Brown and Gold
Motto                         Education: Key To The Future


July 2016


9/8/2016 8:45 AM   All students return to school 

 Message from the Principal

 Principal’s Pledge    

I respect each person in this school and I will show it in my daily actions.

I will do my very best to promote a positive and caring environment where:

Ancillary staff members perform their duties with pride, teachers can teach, and the students can fulfill their potential for academic and personal growth.


 For the safety and security of all our students we ask that all parents and visitors report first to the office, and all deliveries  be made through the office.

O'Brien Osborne, Principal


 SCORE Advisory Committee Documents

 Commissioner's Vision Awardees


Somerset Primary P6 students Najay DaCosta, Stefan Jones, Amara Richards and Anaya West, were among the Island’s top students celebrated for the Commissioner’s Vision Awards, a police initiative for each of Bermuda’s schools.

They were told by Michael DeSilva, the Commissioner of Police, to “Be honest about everything you do and say, be positive no matter what the circumstances, be enthusiastic, be committed to your education, be respectful — and respect starts with yourself,”

“Do the right thing. Always do the right thing, even when no one is looking.”

Najay, Stefan, Amara and Anaya were nominated  because they exemplify the police core values of professionalism, integrity, respect, accountability, dedication, courage and unity.

The awards were opened by police spokesman Dwayne Caines, who told the gathering at the Berkeley Institute: “The compass has several directions, but north is the most important. You can never get lost if you know where north is. Boys and girls, you are your peers’ north.”



 School Activities 2015/2016

 Cambridge Results


The Uniform Store on Union Street has Somerset Primary School brown winter dresses, summer dresses, khaki and grey trousers, white shirts, brown socks and brown jackets that can be monogrammed on site. The Uniform Store is located in the Cyrus Building at 11 Union street, Hamilton. Email them on for further information.

The Gibbons Company sells the school tie, white shirts and khaki and grey shorts.


 Sports Day 2016

 Spring Activities 2016

 Morning and Afterschool Care Information

 Ministry of Education

 Green Family Adopt-a-School Donation

Dear Parents,

As part of the ongoing support of our school by the Green Family.  Please accept the Bermuda Parent magazine which will be distributed quarterly for your perusal.

I am sure you will find this magazine a very informative and useful resource for parenting.

Thank you
Mr. Osborne


 Caught "BEE"ing Good recipients

         "BEE" Attitudes month of June:  

Welcoming & Principle

Caught 'Bee'-ing Good!

Recipients week ending 20th May, 2016



Monthly Bee Prize winners

Sarah Abdur-Rashid (P1)

Matthew Groves (P6)

Tristin Pacheco (P6)

 Somerset Primary "BEE" Attitudes


Polite              Courteous           Sincere
Patient            Responsible        Compassionate
Fair                Self-Controlled    Truthful
Honest            Optimistic           Kind
Respectful      Dependable        Warm and Welcoming
Confident       Courageous         Tolerant
Principled       Trustworthy     Responsible for Choices


 School Song

I am Someone Special

I am someone special in this great big world.
There is no one else like me.
I can make a difference, make a dream come true,
‘cause I believe in myself,
Yes I do.
Oh, I care about who I am.
I care about what I do.
I care about being the best that I can be,
I care about being me.
I can be a doctor or an astronaut,
All I have to do is choose.
I can be a farmer with a college degree.
No one else can decide,
Only me.
Oh, I care about who I am.
I care about what I do.
I care about being the best that I can be,
I care about being me.

 Congratulations! Student Leaders 2015/2016







 If a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn . . .
If a child lives with hostility, he learns to fight . . .
If a child lives with fear, he learns to be apprehensive . . .
If a child lives with pity, he learns to feel sorry for himself . . .
If a child lives with ridicule, he learns to be shy . . .
If a child lives with jealousy, he learns to feel guilt . . .


If a child lives with tolerance, he learns to be patient . . .
If a child lives with encouragement, he learns to be confident . . .
If a child lives with praise, he learns to be appreciative . . .
If a child lives with acceptance, he learns to love . . .
If a child lives with honesty, he learns what truth is . . .
If a child lives with fairness, he learns justice . . .
If a child lives with security, he learns to have faith in himself and those about him . . .
If a child lives with friendliness, he learns the world is a nice place in which to live . . .


 Dorothy L. Law

 School Creed - Manners

We say, "Thank you."
We say, "Please."
We don't interrupt or tease.
We don't argue.  We don't fuss.
We listen when folks talk to us.
We share our toys and take our turn.
Good manners aren't too hard to learn.
It's really easy, when you find.
Good manners means

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