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P6 Siese

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P6 Siese
Teacher's Message

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A Special Welcome to All

Dear Parents/Guardians:

 I would like to welcome you and your child to my class; I look forward to meeting you and discussing your child’s progress throughout the school year. If you have any concerns or queries, please contact me at school.  The number is 234-1440 ext 2240 or email Kindly leave a message or send me a note and I will contact you as soon as possible.

 P6 Siese


 Star of the Week

Star of the Week


 Homework Check

 P5S Supplies List


For School Desk:  

Pencils (at least 3 at all times!)                     
Sharpener (with cover)                                             
Crayons and Pencil Crayons
Digital Watch or watch with timer                                 For Home:
Geometry Set (please keep at home until needed)                 Construction Paper
Reading Book                                                          Atlas or/and Internet access
Ruler                                                                       Reading Books
Scissors                                                                   Dictionary or internet access
Glue (small Elmers)                                                  Glue, Scissors, Pencils, Pens, Markers
Dictionary (small enough to fit in desk)                              Crayons, Ruler                                    
Highlighter                                                                Pack of Binder Paper (Lined)
5 Folders (not binders)
Pencil Case (zippered or closing)
One black and one other colour dry erase marker and a clean old sock to erase with
Small pack of sticky notes (please don’t bring zillions to school)
Writer’s Workshop Notebook (e.g. Mead – sturdy cover, lined paper with firmly attached pages)
Zippered (waterproof) pouch for homework             

****Please make sure everything has your child’s name on it!!!!



We expect that students come to school prepared for their day. They will have all their supplies and have completed their homework.

In class, students will try their best and ensure that all their work is completed. They will support their own learning and that of their peers by following all the class rules, and working towards all the Bee-Attitudes.



 Class Calendar

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 Cambridge Curriculum

 Daily Expectations

 Garden Club

I Love Teaching!  Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport.
Danielson Framework Domain 2A.



 News Flash

 Class Rules

Class Rules

We will:    be responsible

               be punctual, purposeful and prepared

               be disciplined

               be kind and respectful

We will always do our best.

Class Rewards

caught "bee-ing" good, housepoints, treats, stickers, prizes, free time choice, notes home, notes to office

Class Consequences

1) Warning

2) "red light" and note home

3) lunch detention and call home

4) after school detention (Mondays)

5) intervention by Principal




 Resource Links

  Canadian Parents Web Site
  The Family Corner
  A Magazine Site for Fathers
  National Parent Teacher Association
  Family Education
  Online Spelling and Vocabulary Program
  site used to help learners practice mathematics skills