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P2 Russell

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P2 Russell
Teacher's Message



Welcome to Primary Two Russell! I am delighted to have you with us again for another super-fantastic school year! I encourage you, the students, to do your best and nothing less! I encourage you, the parents, to always be advocates for your children. They have a bright future ahead. Let's move forward together!


 P2 Russell ‭[2]‬



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 Excellence Award Recipients

 P1 - P6 Christmas Musical Costumes

 Cambridge Curriculum

 P2 Russell ‭[1]‬


-      1 box of Kleenex

-      1 roll of paper towel

-      1 box forks / 1 box spoons

-      1 ream 8½” x 11” photocopy paper

-      1 Large Adult T-shirt used for Art

-      1 container all-purpose wipes (lysol)

-      1 container baby wipes

-      1 colouring book (for rainy days)

-      $5.00 homework folder–(teacher will purchase from The Stationery Store)

* Please send extra under clothes/socks to keep at school in case of accidents.



Look Smart; Act Smart; Be Smart!


 Daily Expectations




 Supplies List

  • an oversized T-shirt for an art smock (please label with child's name)
  • 1 package of photocopying paper
  • 1 box of facial tissues

 Resource Links

  Canadian Parents Web Site
  The Family Corner
  A Magazine Site for Fathers
  National Parent Teacher Association
  Family Education