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Senior Schools

At the senior level, students enter one or two public schools, both of which are considered as state of the arts facilities, given that they both have been constructed within the past ten years.

Both senior schools offer a broad range of subjects and afford students the opportunity to delve more in depth in their subjects, with a view to ultimately achieving 104 credits after 4 years in order to be awarded the Bermuda School Certificate or BSC. Senior schools offer external examinations (GCSEs) in various subjects, with the Ministry underwriting the costs of examinations written in the core areas.

The design and technology programme at the senior level was modified in order that students might be exposed to courses related to technical arts. Students participate in NCCER (National Centre for Construction Education and Research) courses, which were determined to be more relevant in terms of delivering meaningful content and certification opportunities to students. For example, students were able to take the core NCCER course at senior school as an option, and then to enroll in more specialized courses such as carpentry.

Participation in the NCCER coursework also facilitated transition to the Bermuda College where students would be able to take more advanced courses.

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