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Stilts Stilts  On Friday, September 12, Port Royal Students were introduced to the art of stilt walking!  The visiting Folk-art Stilt Walkers were in Bermuda for the Gombey Festival which was held on September 13 at the W.E.R. Joell Tennis Stadium.  As part of the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs outreach, the stilt walkers visited our school and put on a demonstration for the students.  They were amazed at the talent of the gentlemen!  We thank Mrs. Tannock from the Department, for providing this opportunity for the students at Port Royal Primary.  1 4 years ago

  Picture Libraries

100th Day 100th Day    9 5 years ago
80th Anniversary Photo 80th Anniversary Photo    1 4 years ago
80th Anniversary Photos 80th Anniversary Photos    246 4 years ago
America's Cup 2015 America's Cup 2015    43 3 years ago
Belco Kite Safety Poster Competition Belco Kite Safety Poster Competition    28 4 years ago
Biological Station Visit P4 &P5 Biological Station Visit P4 &P5    10 5 years ago
Book Launch 2016 Book Launch 2016    1 2 years ago
Bus Stop Mural Bus Stop Mural    1 2 years ago
Choir Performance December 5th, 2016 Choir Performance December 5th, 2016    1 2 years ago
Christmas picture 2017 Christmas picture 2017    3 3 months ago
Commissioner Vision Awards Commissioner Vision Awards    2 2 years ago
Easter clipart Easter clipart    3 2 years ago
ECO CLUB ECO CLUB    7 7 months ago
Fathers Day Invite Fathers Day Invite    1 2 years ago
First Day in the Library First Day in the Library    5 4 years ago
FUN RUN JANUARY 2014 FUN RUN JANUARY 2014    59 5 years ago
Head Students 2013 Head Students 2013    3 5 years ago
Heritage Parade 2017 Heritage Parade 2017    6 2 years ago
Hot Spaghetti Lunch Fundraiser Hot Spaghetti Lunch Fundraiser    1 9 months ago
Library Opening Library Opening    2 12 months ago
Math Night Math Night    25 2 years ago
May 25, 2018 Runners May 25, 2018 Runners    1 8 months ago
MERIT WINNERS 2018-19 MERIT WINNERS 2018-19    5 7 weeks ago
MTSS MTSS    4 2 years ago
Open Door Day Jan 23 2018 Open Door Day Jan 23 2018    3 2 weeks ago
P.E. Uniforms P.E. Uniforms    2 6 years ago
P2 Police Visit 2013 P2 Police Visit 2013    7 3 years ago
P3 Tea Party P3 Tea Party    3 5 years ago
P3 WADSON'S FARM P3 WADSON'S FARM    14 4 years ago
P3M Reused Materials Museum P3M Reused Materials Museum    5 4 years ago
Parent Academic Calendar 2016-2017 Parent Academic Calendar 2016-2017    1 3 years ago
Peer Mediators Peer Mediators    1 5 years ago
Pizza Photo Pizza Photo    1 3 years ago
Port Royal School 2018-19 Port Royal School 2018-19    5 4 weeks ago
Portuguese Classes - Visit by Minister Portuguese Classes - Visit by Minister    1 5 years ago
Prefect Pinning 2014 Prefect Pinning 2014  On Friday, October 24, 2014 students were given a student pin recognizing him/her as a prefect/monitor of Port Royal Primary School for the school year 2014/15.  The students will be working in various areas in the school.  9 4 years ago
Primary Six Visit to Paget Island Primary Six Visit to Paget Island    19 4 years ago
PRS VS DET Football PRS VS DET Football    108 14 months ago
PTA Bingo PTA Bingo    3 4 days ago
PTA MOVIE NIGHT OCT. 13, 2018 PTA MOVIE NIGHT OCT. 13, 2018    2 3 months ago
pta pHOTO pta pHOTO    1 10 months ago
Reused Materials Project Reused Materials Project    21 5 years ago
Road Safety 2016 Road Safety 2016    4 2 years ago
S.T.E.M. WEEK S.T.E.M. WEEK    119 2 years ago
Santas Shoebox Santas Shoebox    29 2 years ago
School Leaving Ceremony 2013 School Leaving Ceremony 2013    54 6 years ago
School Volunteers 2017-18 School Volunteers 2017-18    7 8 months ago
Science Club 2018 Science Club 2018    2 10 months ago
Smencils Smencils    1 2 years ago
Spirit Week 2013 Spirit Week 2013  Students at Port Royal during Spirit Week 2013.  64 5 years ago
Spirit Week Notes Spirit Week Notes    1 3 months ago
Spirit Week October 2017 Spirit Week October 2017    74 14 months ago
Sports Day Presentation 2017 Sports Day Presentation 2017  Congratulations to "Conyers House" the overall winners of this year's Sports Day.
Photos attached are the winners from cricket ball throw, long jump, high jump, 1500 steeple chase and Champion Girls and Boys from P1-P6. 
6 2 years ago
Sports photo Sports photo    1 3 years ago
St. Baldrick's Foundation St. Baldrick's Foundation    2 4 years ago
Tea Party Tea Party    10 4 years ago
Universal Day of the Child 2014 Universal Day of the Child 2014    1 4 years ago
Walking Club Walking Club    3 3 years ago
Winners Choir Competition Winners Choir Competition    1 3 years ago


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