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Prospect Primary
Principal's Message
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Principal's Message 



From Principal and Staff

We are happy to have your child with us at Prospect Primary School: A School of Excellence where FAILURE IS NO OPTION. We, at Prospect, are dedicated to helping all children reach their potential. All children have an advisor to support them. Please feel free to contact both your child’s teacher and advisor should you have any concerns or comments.

We are always happy to hear from you.  We realize that you are your child’s first teacher. Therefore, you know your child best.  Please share with us any information that will enable us to help your child realize his/her potential. Someone said, “No one can predict the heights to which one can soar, neither will they know until they spread their wings.” Don’t be discouraged if your child fails to attain instant success, not everyone spreads their wings at the same time. We are here to encourage, teach and love your child as he/she strives to do his/her best. Let’s work as a team because Together Everyone Achieves More. Welcome to Prospect Primary School: The School that CARES!


We, as educators, individualize, personalize and humanize education for our students, so that they become happy, self-disciplined, self assertive individuals who question and are curious.

We have a vision where the principal and teachers really love the students and show it, and where dignity and respect dictate everyone’s behaviour.


The mission of Prospect Primary is to establish a positive learning environment which will foster the maximum development of each student so that he/she will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to function effectively in an ever changing world.

School Pledge

I will act in such a way that I will be proud of myself, and others will be proud of me too.

I come to school to learn, and I will learn. I will have a great day!

School Motto

“If it’s to be it’s up to me.”