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Announcements: Principal of Paget Primary School


 Principal of Paget Primary School 


Mrs. Idonia Beckles is the Principal of Paget Primary School. Mrs. Beckles is a veteran principal who has had the experience of leading multiple schools in our system. Mrs. Beckles has been a certified educator for 31 years and has taught at several levels in the education system. After completing her Bachelor of Education degree, she had her first teaching post at Harrington Sound Primary School. There, she taught at different levels for the 10 years that she was there and held several posts of responsibility. In 1994, after obtaining her Master of Education degree, Mrs. Beckles was appointed as a mentor teacher for the Ministry of Education. In 1997, at the start of the reorganized public education system, Mrs. Beckles joined the staff of Clearwater Middle School as a team leader. She remained there until 2002, when she joined the staff at Dellwood Middle School as the Acting Principal. After this appointment, her experience was expanded with two years as one of the deputy principals at CedarBridge Academy. In September 2005, Mrs. Beckles returned to the primary school level as principal of East End Primary School, her current post. Her professional motto is based on the words of Phillip Schlechty, “Every leader a teacher, every teacher a leader, every child a success.”


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