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Heron Bay Primary

 Heron Bay History


How It All Began...

The Heron Bay School, formerly known as the Southampton East School, was established in 1925 in a building that was originally a private home.  For many years Heron Bay School was only a three room building.

Mrs. Elsie Bascome, at the tender age of twenty-one, was the school’s first “teaching head”.  With a student population of thirty four students, Mrs Bascome also had a monitor and an assistant teacher.  The latter was responsible for teaching students from kindergarten to standard 3, while Mrs. Bascome was responsible for standards 4 through 7.

In 1920 Mrs. Bascome was succeeded by “teaching head” Miss Winifred Brown who remained at the school for thirty years.  Indeed, many of these years were difficult when it came to teaching, since more than one class was taught in the same room. Nevertheless, parents and the community were supportive of the school’s endeavours.  In 1953, the new school, on the present site was erected.

Succeeding Miss Brown as Principal in 1959 was Mr. Edward Smith, whose headship spanned a five year period.  Subsequently, Mrs. Iona Richardson was appointed principal in September 1964.

From September 1966 to July 1967, Miss Doris Marsh was Acting Head, in the absence of Mrs. Iona Richardson who went to Scotland on study leave.

Mrs. Richardson remained at Heron Bay School until her retirement in June 1981.

Succeeding Mrs. Richardson, Mrs Carol M. Stoneham, former Deputy Principal at Purvis Primary, was appointment Principal in June 1981.

Succeeding Mrs Carol Stoneham, Mr. Alan Leigh who was Principal at Port Royal, was appointed principal for both schools for two years in 1987.  He officially assumed the role of Heron Bay School in 1989 until 1998 upon his retirement.

Mrs. LaVerne Simons was appointed Principal in 1998 until February 2010.

Ms. Annette Daniels was appointed Acting Principal in March 2010 until June 2010.

From September 2011 until June 2015, Ms. Joann P. Dill was Principal, followed by Mrs. Lisa Swan. Mrs. Swan was Heron Bay's leader from September 2015 until December 2016, where she then moved on to become the Assistant Director of Student Services at The Bermuda Ministry of Education.

The school was then run by Mrs. Cindy Lambert as Acting Principal in January 2017. Present Principal Mrs. Francine McMahon was appointed Principal in September 2017.




Until 1925 – the old dwelling house (now demolished) was used as a private school.

1926 – Government took it over.

1953 – New building – continued use of old dwelling house

1967 – Old building demolished.

1968 – New addition