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Spotlight On: P5 At Heron Bay School Hosts Special Assembly


P5 At Heron Bay School Hosts Special Assembly 


Bernews - February 11, 2014

On February 7th, the Primary Five students at Heron Bay Primary School hosted a special assembly, with guests including Deputy Premier Michael Dunkley, Deputy PLP Leader Derrick Burgess and MP Nandi Outerbridge.

In their social studies class, the students have been learning about the government in Bermuda – both early government and current. As such, the Primary Five teacher, Lauren Botelho thought it fitting to bring in some members of Parliament to bring the subject alive.

“Learning about the government and legislation can seem so abstract to young students. Having people who have first

hand experience in the field was one way to help students gain a better understanding,” said Mrs. Botelho.

The assembly began with students performing a short skit, demonstrating all that they have learned in class. After, students interviewed their invited guests about their roles, responsibilities and their insights into government.

Primary Five student, Hugo Cailliere, shared how much he learned from the politicians: “I learned that you have to be eighteen years old to become a part of government. I also remember them telling us to take deep breaths and speak from the heart when making a speech.”


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