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Historical Profile

Dellwood began its history many, many years ago.  Its first location was on Church Street at the current location of Andrew's Place (Furniture Basics). From there it grew and moved to this location on North Street where it was organized as an elementary school.

Mr. A. E. Nicholl was the chairman of the Board of Trustees for the orginal Dellwood School for twenty-eight years, from 1940 -- 1968.  He was a naval officer at HMS Dockyard and out of his interest in young people he felt that students should be trained in woodwork and metalwork.  In consultation with the Department of Education, the Nicholl Institute was built.  Studednts from various schools across the island came to Nicholl Intitute to receive their training.  In the early sixties Nicholl became part of Dellwood proper, and, subsequently became the woodwork and science departments of Northlands Scecondary School. Today it is the Design and Technology Department of Dellwood Middle School, hence the name, the Albert E. Nicholl Building - Design and Technology.

Mr. Thomas F. Wyatt was the first principal of Dellwood School and served from 1940 - 1961.  He believed students should have a good, solid, all round education.  It was during his tenure that the infant block was built.  Today under the the restructured system, it houses the Math Wing.  In recognition of his service to the educational system and to retain the history of Dellwood, it has been designated the Thomas F. Wyatt Wing.

Mr. Charles Williams became the second principal of Dellwood School.  He served from 1961 - 1972 when Dellwood was an elementary school.  During his tenure, Mr. Williams was instrumental in introducing secondary level  education at Dellwood where he oversaw the construction of the west wing.

The Ministry of Education and the Government of the day later adopted a law to integrate the school system.  The change saw Dellwood's Secondary section move to the Berkeley Road site to become part of the reorganized Northlands Secondary School.  Simultaneously, Dellwood Primary accepted students and teachers from the former Northlands Elementary School.

In 1963 Mr. Williams conducted the research  on the school crest.  Its basic features are fixtures from the parish of Pembroke and the coat of arms of the Ewing family.  Mr. Alexander Ewing was a former speaker of the House of Assembly  and orginally owned the old Dellwood House and adjoining land on which the school exists. Mr. Williams added the Book of Knowledge and the motto: "Deeds not Words." For his dedication to the education of young people at Dellwood, the main school building is named in his honour - The Charles Williams Wing.

           adapted from the officail opening ceremony of Dellwood Middle School, February 4, 1999