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  Bermuda Educator's Council
  National Council of Teachers of English (U.S.A.)
  National Science Teachers' Association

 PBS Teacherline


PBS TeacherLine more than 130 graduate-level courses for educators and spans the entire curriculum: Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Instructional Technology, Instructional Strategies, and Science. It is recognized by the United States Distance Learning Association, National Educational Association, and the Software and Information Industry Association. Courses run an average of 30 hours and could count toward your PD hours.

Course sampling:

Teaching Reading in the Content Areas

You can master new strategies to address students' needs in various grade levels. From exploring environments that promote effective learning to examining the skills students need to read content material successfully, this course will introduce you to essential techniques that support more independent reading and learning.

Scientific Inquiry and Field Work: Discovering with Technology for Grades 6-8 

Keep your students engaged by incorporating current technology into your science curriculum. Visit Web sites that enable students to collect and analyze data using online equipment and learn high-tech strategies that allow them to record and analyze information, investigate the results, and share their findings. Then, design a unit plan for an ecosystem field trip.

Math in Everyday Life for Grades 6-8

Math is all around us and you can energize middle school math instruction with real-world challenges. Examine the importance of problem-solving skills, calculators, and the Internet in the classroom while addressing national math standards 






A Webinar is a web-based seminar or a workshop or lecture delivered over the Web. Webinars may be a one-way Webcast, or there may be interaction between the audience and the presenters. Webinars are generrally short, lasting from 30 to 120 minutes.  Some sites offer free webinars; others are offered for a fee which may be discounted if you are a member of the organization.  After completing a webinar you can generally print a certificate to say that you have taken it. See the sites below to checkout webinars offered this fall.