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Clearwater Middle School

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Clearwater Middle School
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The Tatem Experience.mp4The Tatem ExperienceKatyna Rabain
Open House.mp4Open HouseKatyna Rabain
Chris - Handouts.mp4Chris - HandoutsKatyna Rabain
Police Convoy 2014.mp4Police Convoy 2014Katyna Rabain

 Clearwater Middle School

Conceived during the restructuring of Bermuda's educational system, Clearwater Middle School represents the realization of a dream that all students should have an equal opportunity to receive a quality comprehensive secondary education, regardless of their socio-economic status or academic capabilities: a place where they are able to explore their interests and develop their maximum intellectual, physical, social, emotional and spiritual potentials.

This dream was realized on September 6th, 1997, when Clearwater Middle School opened its doors in the former Roger B. Chaffee High School in St. David’s Bermuda.  The students came from the former St. George's Secondary School, and the founding Principal was Mrs. Charlotte Ming. On that first day, Clearwater Middle School had 75 boys and 80 girls enrolled.  Over the years, our student population has grown from the initial 155 to our population of 280 students.

Over the years, Clearwater Middle School has firmly established a reputation for excellence, and is widely regarded and respected as “the best middle school in Bermuda and the world!”  Our students regularly earn national academic and athletic honors, and our graduates are now assuming leadership roles in the local and international communities. 


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 Eagle Soars - June 3 & Healthy Lunch Awards


2 St. David's Road
St. David's DD 01
Phone: 293-5017
Fax: 293-5041

 School Information

 Acting Principal Anthony Wade
 Acting Deputy Dean Foggo
 Counselors Zina Francis-Smith, Alicia Jones
 School Hours 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
 Enrollment 143
 School Colors  Yellow and Blue

Carpe Diem - Seize the Day!

 Vision "Clearwater Middle School, a passionate community of learners, INSPIRES, NURTURES and EMPOWERS future leaders."

Clearwater Newsletter - January 9, 2019 

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